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Learn about our file deduplication software

Instantly find duplicate files using the ultra fast Duplicate File Search software. Duplicate matches are completely accurate using our true match binary matching algorithm. Quickly and easily purge duplicate files from your computer to free up disk space and remove file clutter. Deduplication of data will optimize your computer by removing duplicate files that slow down indexing and backups.

Our data deduplication utility comes packed with every option you will need to find the duplicate files wasting space on your computer and gives you the tools to remove those duplicates from your computer fast!

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Duplicate File Search comes with all these amazing software features!


  • Stand-alone application EXE file
  • Auto detecting 64 or 32 bit program support
  • Create duplicate file search projects to store all your configuration settings
  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • Automatic system specific optimization to achieve fast execution performance


  • 100% accurate byte by byte comparison of duplicates
  • Ultra fast duplicate finding algorithm
  • No limitations on number of files to search, file size, folders or drives
  • Large file support
  • No limit to the number of duplicates that can be found
  • Support for multiple paths to search for duplicates
  • Support for separate source and search folders
  • Search across multiple computers
  • Search all removable media such as USB drives, CD, DVD, and attached devices

Security and Data Protection

  • Protect your important system data by built in exclusion paths
  • Customize default exclusion paths
  • Protect your data by limiting results to specific file attributes
  • Exclude files with a specified set of file extensions or matching file pattern
  • Exclude files between a specified modified or created date
  • Exclude files between a specified file size
  • Stops the user from deleting all copies of a file

Search Filters

  • Find files limited to a specified file mask
  • Create your own custom file search mask
  • Limit results to files modified between a minimum and maximum date
  • Limit results to files created between a minimum and maximum date
  • Find duplicate files even if the filename doesn't match
  • Find duplicate files that have the same filename or extension
  • Filter out empty files
  • Limit results to files between a minimum and maximum file size

Search Results

  • Copy, delete, or move duplicate files
  • Delete files to the Recycle Bin
  • Preview files before deleting them
  • Save scan results session for later resuming
  • Use filters to easily select files that you want to take action on
  • View file sizes
  • View space used by duplicate files
  • Allows manual review and selection of the duplicates to take action on
  • Open the folder containing a duplicate file

User Interface

  • Simple and easy to use user interface layout
  • Organized and grouped features
  • Sortable path selections
  • Smart UI enables and disables choices depending on your selections to reduce confusion
  • Sort results by file size, number of duplicates, total bytes duplicated, filename, modified date, and created date

Reports and Logging

  • HTML duplicates report
  • Export to XML
  • Export to csv file format
  • Export to standard TXT file

Help and Support

  • Detailed online help file with complete UI explanation
  • Free technical support to all users of our software
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Software screenshots Screenshots
Software edition features Features